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Repatriation insurance

The repatriation insurance CieloRD guarantees Dominicans living abroad the repatriation of their remains and funeral services in case of death. All Dominican citizens have the right to acquire a repatriation policy in any Dominican consulate. PLANS - Repatriation to the Dominican Republic - Funeral assistance in the Dominican Republic For the complete list of benefits, options and conditions, please visit:   REQUIREMENTS
  1. Being Dominican
  2. Dominican identity card or Dominican passport (one of the two is mandatory)
  3. Applicant's identity document of the current country of residence, if applicable
  4. To fill a standard form
PROCESSING TIME: Same-day delivery subject to the urgency and volume of applications. FEE: Up to 65 years old: 50 euros per year 66 years and older: 65 euros per year
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