Consular services

Passport renewal due to expiration of the passbook

Dominican citizens have the right to request a new passport booklet at the Dominican consulate if the previous one has expired or will expire soon.   REQUIREMENTS Please provide:
  1. Expired or soon-to-be expired passport booklet
  2. One (1) full-face photograph, size 5 x 5 cms, on white background. The photo must be in digital JPEG (.jpg or.jpeg) format. The person cannot wear any earrings, smile nor grimace. Hair must be combed up so that the ears are visible
  3. Birth certificate issued after 2014
  4. Dominican identity and electoral card
PROCESSING TIME: Between 25 to 30 working days FEE: 100 euros Make the payment through a bank wire to the following bank account: BNP Paribas Bank BE02 0018 1460 2440 Include the message: "Passport booklet renewal", plus the name of the applicant ADDITIONAL SERVICES If required: - For the issuance of a birth certificate by the Central Electoral Board office, please contact the Central Electoral Board office in The Netherlands: Tel. (0031) 208225510 E-Mail: - If a digital photography is not provided, there will be a charge for postal mail service. This cost is additional to the current passport renewal service price. - Passport dispatch to a residential address. Cost: 10 euros We strongly recommend that you DO NOT purchase non-refundable airline tickets or make other travel plans until you have received your renewed passport.
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