Consular services

Authorization to travel with minors

Permission to travel with a minor is an authorisation granted by Dominican citizens residing abroad to authorise the departure or entry into the Dominican Republic of their children under 18 years of age. The parents or legal guardians of the minor must request the permission directly. REQUIREMENTS Please provide:
  1. One (1) full-face photograph, size 5 x 5 cms, on white background. The person cannot wear any earrings, smile nor grimace. Hair must be combed up so that the ears are visible
  2. Original or photocopy of the minor's birth certificate
  3. Legible copy of the identity document of the minor (s)
  4. Dominican identity and electoral card of the parent or legal guardian
  5. Flight schedule
PROCESSING TIME: Same-day delivery subject to the urgency and volume of applications. FEE: 30 euros Make the payment through a bank wire to the following bank account: BNP Paribas Bank BE02 0018 1460 2440 Include the message: "Permission to travel with a minor", plus the name of the applicant
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