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The Dominican Republic reopened its air, maritime and land borders from 1 July 2020.

There are no restrictions on flights from any destination.

According to the protocols established to ensure the safety of visitors to the country, all passengers are required to use facemasks at the airport, and to comply with distancing measures in place throughout their facilities.

Airlines must ensure that all passengers complete a health declaration form, alongside their immigration and customs forms. Passengers will be subject to temperature checks upon arrival. Persons with temperatures higher than 38° C, or displaying symptoms associated with COVID-19, will be administered a rapid COVID-19 test. Health officials may also conduct random testing programmes among arriving visitors.

It is the sole responsibility of each traveller to verify the rules regarding their departure from their place of origin to travel to and from the Dominican Republic.

Please be aware that the reestablishment of routes and the operation of flights to and from the Dominican Republic ultimately depends on each airline.

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