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Notarial act of representation

All Dominican consular delegations offer public notary services to citizens that need legalised documents to comply either with the Dominican law or that of any other country. Dominicans who require that a proxy acts on their behalf either in the Dominican Republic or elsewhere can request a notarial act of representation in a Dominican consulate. A notarial act of representation is a document through which a citizen or institution (a principal) entrusts a proxy to represent them before the institutions of the Dominican Republic or another country for any civil action the citizen or institution needs to perform. REQUIREMENTS Please provide:
  1. Dominican identity and electoral card of the principal
  2. Dominican identity and electoral card of the proxy
  3. Identity document of the principal
  4. Information as specific as possible about the object of the representation, that is, all those actions that the principal requires the proxy to carry out on their behalf
  5. Information that demonstrates that the principal has the legal capacity to request the proxy to carry out a mandate on his behalf in relation to any asset, whether movable or immovable (property title, bank account, financial certificate, etc.)
  6. Any other information that may be of interest
  7. Address of the proxy
  8. Address of the principal
  9. Identity document of the witness
  10. Address of the witness
  Note: to be valid in the Dominican Republic, the notarial act of representation must be certified with an Apostille via the following webpage PROCESSING TIME: Delivery on the date of the appointment. FEE: 75 euros Make the payment through a bank wire to the following bank account: BNP Paribas Bank BE02 0018 1460 2440 Include the message: "Notarial act of representation", plus the name of the company or applicant
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