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Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic occupies a strategic geographic location in the Caribbean, making it a commercial hub between Europe, North America and the rest of the Caribbean and Latin American nations. In 2017, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) had a real cumulative expansion of 4.6%, according to data published by the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic; the second highest in the Americas. This sustained economic growth has made the Dominican Republic an attractive destination for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), which had an extraordinary increase in 2017 of 48.3% over the previous year, reaching $3,570 million dollars. Read more →
The robust performance of the Dominican economy has enabled the influx of $19,823 million dollars of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) since 2010. This performance was facilitated by the special incentives granted through Foreign Investment Law No. 16-95 to the contributions from foreign individuals or corporations or by Dominicans living abroad, to the capital of a company that works or is interested in working in the country. The activities that contributed most to the economy's growth were hotels, bars and restaurants (6.8%), financial services (6.2%), agriculture (5.9%), Free Trade Zones (5.5%), transport and storage (5.1%), construction sector (3.7%), local manufacturing (3.0%) and commerce (3.0%). Read more →
The Dominican Republic is a welcoming country. All our natural beauty, our history, investment and business opportunities, as well as the warmth of our citizens, motivate people from all over the world to visit us and enjoy a charming island full of opportunities. Read more →
The Dominican Republic is a country with great historical and cultural richness, the product of the meeting of Spanish, African and Taíno cultures. Dominican culture expresses this mix vividly, and more visibly in its music and gastronomy. Read more →
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